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The Maison Piaget

The Maison Piaget

Diamonds by Piaget

Piaget diamond setting

Rare, pure and eternal, diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love. It was in Europe in the 15th century that the romantic tradition of offering a diamond ring as a token of love and commitment was born. In 1477, Princess Marie of Burgundy received this first proof of love from Archduke Maximilian of Austria. She placed the ring on the fourth finger of her left hand as, according to the Egyptian belief in the “vein of love”, the left ring finger is connected to the heart by this vein. Diamonds still symbolise love centuries later.

Piaget high jewellery diamonds

Light of love, sparkle of desire, reflection of a knowing look

For almost 140 years, Piaget has had the highest regard for the diamond, that most exclusive of precious stones. Piaget seeks out diamonds which meet the highest colour, carat and clarity standards. Nearly 30,000 carats of precious stones are set each year in our workshops. All diamonds are thoroughly tested according to stringent in-house guidelines. Each precious centre stone is issued with a certificate.

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