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The Maison Piaget

The Maison Piaget


Gem-Setting - Piaget High Jewellery

Performed in close collaboration with our designers, gem-setting is practised as an art. Once the number of gemstones and their positioning have been determined, our craftsmen sculpt the metal to gradually reveal the setting in which a gemstone will be placed. Then they select the gemstone that will be adjusted with precision to fit within the created setting. This step is repeated with each gemstone. Based on a piece’s design, our gem-setters opt for bead, claw, bezel, invisible, inset and channel settings in which brilliant, baguette, princess and pear-cut diamonds are combined. The precision and finesse of gem-setting and the refinement of polishing create pieces with unique character and perfect finishes. Once the gem-setter's painstaking work has been completed, each gemstone is individually checked. At Piaget, precious gemstones are selected to beautifully adorn our jewellery pieces. Over two million gems are set each year in our workshops.

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