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The Maison Piaget

The Maison Piaget

Gold bracelets: carefully crafted with a master’s touch

Piaget Watches: Gold Bracelets

A Piaget luxury watch with gold bracelet is regarded as a work of art. Ancestral expertise is combined with digital technology. Finishes are hand-crafted in every last detail, elegantly alternating polished and satin-finished surfaces. The craftsman’s touch is always given priority, whoever the original architect of the bracelet, so as to offer the wearer perfect suppleness and comfort. Each model so perfectly matches the form of the wrist that it seems to have been made to measure. Piaget takes care to update its equipment while preserving traditional methods and the production secrets that constitute the very soul of the Manufacture. High-tech devices are found side by side with traditional wooden buffs. Links, gadroons and miniature shafts are carved out of the gold, one by one. The way they are merged with the case is subtly studied to guarantee both comfort and visual harmony. The suppleness of Piaget gold bracelets depends on the great complexity of both their structure and the techniques used to produce them. Whether original link designs with subtly alternating forms, or articulations incorporating smoothly crafted shafts, all our bracelets benefit from this unique expertise. For generations, Piaget’s workshops have preserved and developed crafts that have all but disappeared elsewhere.

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