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Piaget Society

Piaget Society

Beijing International Polo Open Tournament

The finals of the Fourth Beijing International Polo Open Tournament commenced on September 22, 2012.

This year, top jewellery and watch brand Piaget, continued to support China’s polo development following successful collaborations in 2010 and 2011.

Xia Yang, captain of the Piaget Polo China team
Piaget Official Timekeeper of the Fourth Annual Beijing Polo Tournament

Piaget continues to be the official timekeeper at the Fourth Beijing International Polo Open Tournament.

Piaget China Managing Director, Mr. Thomas Bouillonnec, and famous actor, Mr. Wang Xuebing were among the guests on hand to witness the excitement of the tournament.
Captain of the Piaget China team, Mr. Xia Yang, led the team and brought out an extraordinary performance.

In addition to a marvelous polo match, Mr. Wang Xuebing was invited by Piaget to demonstrate his superior horseback riding skill and play croquet with other guests.
He was wearing a dashing equestrian outfit that complemented his Piaget Polo FortyFive watch.

Xuebing was thrilled to have the chance to watch the amazing polo game at such close proximity. He also expressed his admiration of the polo player’s skills and cheered on the Piaget China team along with the general audience.

Thomas Bouillonnec, Wang Xuebing and Xia Yang
Piaget models showcased the the latest watches and jewellery
Wang Xuebing  wearing a Piaget Polo FortyFive watch
베이징 국제 폴로 토너먼트가 열리는 동안 Piaget Polo FortyFive 티타늄 시계를 착용한 왕 슈에빙(WANG Xuebing)
Thomas Bouillonnec, Wang Xuebing and Xia Yang
9.22.12 Sports
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