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Piaget Society

Piaget Society

Salvador Dali Exhibition Taiwan

Drenched in the mysterious ambiance of the “Friday the 13th”, the swiss jeweller and watchmaker Piaget treated its VIP guests, renowned stars and celebrities to a night gleamed with the legendary Surrealism artist Salvador Dali’s provocative imagination and creativity: the Salvador Dali exhibition.

The exhibition devoted to the Master of Surrealism was situated in the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. Piaget generously reserved the whole pavilion on the night of July 13th to its honorable guests, and turned the traditional Chinese building into an iconic Piaget Blue Party with live Jazz music, busters, and champagne. Actors James Wen, Sunny Wang, Nikki Hsieh, June Tsai, model Annie Chen, Shattina Lee, Hans Chung, Russell, Lihua Hung, Fashion Photographer Tian-Ren Huang, fashion opinion leader Xiao Hong Wen, were the names among its honorable guest list.

Due to Piaget’s amicable collaboration with Dali, the House plays an integral role in the exhibition. While Most Dali exhibition focus on Dali’s painting and sculpture, Piaget fervently flew in 5 pieces collaborated with Salvador Dali in the early 70’s, the Dali d’Or Private Collection, as the essential puzzle pieces to complete Dali’s multi-facet expression of art.

From Gold Coin secret watch, cufflinks, pendent, money clipper, and key chain, Dali’s eminent Gold Coin forms the body of the objects, while Piaget’s bold yet delicate interpretation vitalizes them with spirit, Dali and Piaget integrated their merit and specialties into a luxurious form of art. The talking piece of the night was the Dali d’Or Gold Coin secret watch. Made of gold and meticulously engraved with Dali’s painting, the watch houses Piaget’s famous 9P ultra thin movement.

Salvador Dali and its gold coin
Actor Sunny Wang admired Piaget Dali d’Or.
Piaget shows the “Dali d’Or” as exhibits for the 2012 Salvador Dali: mind of Genius exhibition
Actor James Wen and actress Nikki Hsieh
Famous actress Annie Chen attended VIP Night to admire Dali’s artworks
Top model Shattina Lee attended VIP Night to admire Dali’s artworks
Pieces of the Piaget Dali d'Or Collection
Actress Annie Chen admired Dali’s artworks
Piaget expects 2012 Salvador Dali Exhibition
Famous actress Nikki Hsieh attended VIP VIP Night to admire Dali’s artworks
Famous actor Sunny Wang and Grace Liu, General manager of Piaget Taiwan.
Famous actor James Wen attended VIP Night to admire Dali’s artworks
Salvador Dali
The area of Piaget in the “2012 Salvador Dali: mind of Genius exhibition
Dali Exhibition Taiwan Venue
Piaget Dali d'Or Collection
Piaget Dali d'Or Collection
Dali d'Or coin secret wristwatch from Piaget's Private Collection
Dali d'Or money clip from Piaget's Private Collection
7.13.12 Institutional Events
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