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Piaget Society

Piaget Society

Ellerstina Piaget into Final

The feature match of the day, between Ellerstina Piaget (Facundo Pieres, Gonzalito Pieres, Mariano Aguerre and Paco de Narvaez) and La Natividad (Sapo Caset, Nachi Heguy, Rodrigo Andrade and Lolo Castagnola) took place on the Hurlingham Club’s Number 1 field.

The talented Ellerstina team looked comfortable in first chukker play as they ran out to an early 3-1 lead, but La Natividad was not anyone’s punching bag. La Natividad scored four times in the second period while holding Ellerstina to just a pair of goals. At the end of the second period the two teams were even at 5-5 and Ellerstina knew that there was a battle. Defense ruled the third chukker, with La Natividad scoring the only goal of the period.

After the first three chukkers of the game, La Natividad foursome led 6-5. Ellerstina fought back in the fourth chukker, outscoring La Natividad 3-2. The first half ended in an 8-8 deadlock. Ellerstina scored the only goal of the fifth chukker. With three periods left in regulation play, Ellerstina held a narrow 9-8 advantage.

Both offenses moved it up a notch in the sixth. Matching each other’s goal for goal, the chukker ended with Ellerstina defending their one goal advantage, 12-11. La Natividad managed two goals in the seventh while limiting the Ellerstina offense to a single goal. With seven minutes left to play, the score was even at 13-13. A determined Ellerstina team rode onto the field for the final chukker. Showing flawless defensive prowess, Ellerstina scored three unanswered goals for the 16-13 victory and will compete against La Dolfina next Saturday in the 2013 Hurlingham Open final.

Facundo Pieres led all scores with ten goals (five on penalty conversions). Gonzalito Pieres added four goals and Mariano Aguerre scored twice in the win. Sapo Caset led the La Natividad attack with eight goals (four on penalty shots). Rodrigo Andrade scored three times and Nachi Heguy added two goals in the loss.

Piaget polo player Gonzalo Pieres during the Hurlingham Open Semifinal
Piaget polo player Facundo Pieres during the Hurlingham Open Semifinal

Gonzalo Pieres Jr.: It was a very good match, however a very tough one, it is very difficult to play against La Natividad since they are a team that puts a lot of pressure both in offense and defense. Our horses played well, despite that we could not close the game earlier, the important thing is that we won and we are in the final game.

Score Ellerstina Piaget: 3-1, 5-5, 5-6, 8-8, 9-8, 12-11, 13-13, 16-13.

Scorers: Ellerstina Piaget: Facundo Pieres 10 (4 on penalty shots and 1 corner), Gonzalo Pieres Jr. 4, Mariano Aguerre 2

Horses nominees by the Argentine Polo Horse Breeders Association: Machitos Galilea, ridden by Mariano Aguerre Open Magnolia, (Margarina-R. Corner), ridden by Gonzalo Pieres Jr.

10.26.13 Sports
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