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Piaget Society

Piaget Society

Second match of Palermo Open

The Pieres Team won their second match in Palermo Open against Chapaleufú by 20 to 5.

Ellerstina Team Piaget ready to win the game

Ellerstina Piaget pulled a difference in the first chukkers of the game and showed their offensive in the rest of the game. Ellerstina Piaget will play next match seeking their way to the final against La Aguada Las Monjitas.

The 2015 Ellerstina Piaget team presents a full Pieres lineup. Brothers Gonzalo Jr. (10), Facundo (10) and Nicolás (9) joined forces with cousin and new 10-goaler, Polito. Former team member, Mariano Aguerre, is acting as team coach.

Ellerstina Piaget: Pablo Pieres 10 (9 goals), Nicolás Pieres 9 (5), Gonzalo Pieres (h) 10 (2) y Facundo Pieres 10 (4, one by penalty). Total: 39.

Chapaleufú Cardón: Alberto Heguy (h) 8 (3), Ignacio Heguy 9 (1), Bautista Heguy 8 (1) y Eduardo Heguy 9. Total: 34.

Ellerstina Piaget: 0-0, 4-2, 8-2, 11-4, 13-4, 17-4, 18-4 y 20-5.

One of the Pieres brothers during the game
Ellerstina Piaget team player
Ellertina Piaget Team Member
Ellerstina Piaget winning the game
Ellerstina Piaget Team
12.2.15 Sports
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