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Piaget Society

Piaget Society

Piaget Gouverneur launch in Taiwan

Prince Charmant Chun WU reveals kingliness at the Piaget Gouverneur collection launch event in Taiwan

Swiss watch and jewellery manufacture, Piaget, launched the new Gouverneur gent’s watch collection on the 29th of October at the Eslite Concert Hall. Due to the oval and round curves combined on the Gouverneur watch case, the exhibition hall was fully decorated with installation arts in golden metal rings to form a tranquil, peaceful, yet modern space which echoes to the orbit of the planets in the universe, and further imbued the event hall with an unmistakable artistic ambiance that symbolized the prestigious manner of the Gouverneur collection. Famous singer and actor, Chun WU, was in attendance as the key star of the event. WU’s superb taste and monarchic temperament shared the same royal and dignitary quality of the Gouverneur watch collection, and hence became the best ambassador of the collection.

Roundness, Aesthetics, Modernity and Superiority

The hall where the Piaget Gouverneur launch event took place was decorated in the symbolic color of Piaget, gold and black, to forge a low profile yet luxurious atmosphere.

 At the entrance of the hall, groups of golden metal rings suspended from the ceiling. These multiple-interlocked rings referred to the planet orbits and further homologized the distinctive design of Gouverneur’s harmonious blending of two shapes – Round and Oval. Amongst them, 6 sets of planet orbits in a greater volume individually showcasing 6 series of watches derived from the collection, and formed a glittering Cosmos of Gouverneur as a whole. The setting itself beautifully described Piaget’s mastery in pre-eminent aesthetics and the Golden Ratio embedded within the Gouverneur collection.

In order to further elaborate on the characteristics – the perfect curves – of the Gouverneur collection, Piaget set up a series of installation arts around the stage. Escorting by several concentric golden circles suspended in the air, three mobile gigantic golden rings that moves accordingly to the show stationed magnificently on the main stage, these magnified roundness and curves epitomized the aesthetics and modernity in Gouverneur. The show starts with a film of Piaget Gouverneur to unfold its beauty and uniqueness hidden in all details, from its distinctive decoration on the outer case and dial, to the movement that represented the essence of Piaget’s technical perfection.

Piaget Gouverneur watches show in Taiwan

The tremendous momentum provoked by the film was then followed by the performance of the juggler juggling a armillary ball. Emotions again surged up in the graceful movement of the body, and enticed the audience to indulgent themselves in the infinite loop of Gouverneur.

Finally, Gouverneur’s show time! Silhouettes of the models were projected on the stage center to arouse anticipation. As they dashed out to the stage, male models were in formal suits to interpret the powerful formal expression of the Gouverneur collection, and furthermore to salute its origin, the Black Tie Collection. The female models, as the anti-heroine, were in male suits with their shirt unbuttoned to show a sexy way of wearing Gouverneur. While the catwalk proceeded, the gigantic golden ring revolved in tune; together they carried out the natural and agile quintessence of the collection.

Chun WU, returned to Taiwan with the charm of a royal prince

After a long absence from the social events in Taiwan, Chun WU visited Taiwan exclusively for the launch of the Piaget Gouverneur collection.  Walking through the arched tunnel of light framed by the 3 gigantic rings, Wu showed up with the charm of a Prince Charmant as the finale of the event, the Gouverneur watch on his wrist perfectly brought out Wu’s inner maturity and temperament and imbued him with the vigor of a king.  Wu in black suits, finely corresponded to the spirit of a classic Piaget’s gent’s watch, and gave a vivid expression of refined quality, polished manner and superior taste of a modern gentleman.

Chun WU has been gradually advancing his career path in show business. First started as a singer, and broadened his career by participating in series of TV drama, soon afterwards he made a huge leap to the movie industry and won a recognition. Aside from his achievement in the show business, WU is also an entrepreneur, his clear vision, deliberate strategy and strong ambition towards his own company matches the graceful taste, breakthrough, and prestigious leadership written in the DNA of the Piaget Gouverneur collection. Hence Chun WU is naturally the best ambassador to witness the birth of one of Piaget’s most distinguished line of men’s watch. WU generously shared his experience with Piaget to the media.

He has long been fond of Piaget and described Piaget as a professional watch manufacture with remarkable expertise and prominent aesthetics. He even revealed a secret that the first jewellery ring he purchased was from Piaget! WU didn’t hide his admiration to the Gouverneur watch which harmoniously integrated geometric curves with high end watch making, he proclaimed that whether in daily life or attending a event, the Gouverneur could comfortably fit in his daily life and show his taste via its artistic design.

Chun Wu finely corresponded to the spirit of a classic Piaget men's watch
Chun Wu presented Piaget Gouverneur white gold diamond tourbillon watch

Brand-new Gouverneur collection, imposing manner with meticulous elegance

The Gouverneur watch line by Piaget is first and foremost a subtle balance between two shapes - round and oval - that are frequently associated and have made their mark on the history of art.

The new Gouverneur line is a concentrated blend of the skills and history of Piaget. It stems from the Black Tie collection and reveals an exceptional horological mechanism enhanced by a powerful formal expression. It presents three mechanical variations through automatic, chronograph and tourbillon models, each available in diamond-set pink or white gold versions. This exclusive new classic range is fully design, developed, and produced from the Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Piaget.

Hence the Gouverneur collection epitomises the perfect technical mastery and daring innovation characterizing the Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Piaget.

The Name, Gouverneur, means “Government Officer” and “Important Person” in French.  It manifests a new born Piaget Gent’s watch that is synonym to power and influences, is exclusively created for those honored gentlemen with extraordinary taste.

Model wearing Piaget Gouverneur white gold diamond automatic watch
Chun Wu showed up with the charm of a Prince Charmant in the finale of the event
Chun Wu in black suits attended Piaget Gouverneur launch event
Piaget Taiwan General Manager Grace Liu, Chun Wu and models
10.29.12 Institutional Events
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