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Piaget Society

Piaget Society

Mon Chéri Gala Event in Munich

International stars Kelly Rohrbach, Helena Christensen, Tatjana Patitz and Verona Pooth look radiant wearing Piaget jewellery.

Munich - Stars, cherry blossom, Piaget! Once again, numerous celebrities flocked to the glamorous "Mon Chéri St Barbara's Day Charity Gala" in Munich.

On St Barbara's Day it is a firmly established custom to give cherry branches and place them in water. If the branches are in bloom on Christmas Eve, this means good luck for the recipient for the coming year. Mon Chéri revived this lovely tradition once again this year, inviting numerous celebrities, including many international stars, to the gala event in Munich.

Among the most photographed was iconic model and photographer Helena Christensen, wearing a fabulous dress by Marchesa and a Piaget Limelight watch. This exceptional cuff-watch in 18k rose gold looked magical on the wrist of this year's Charity Gala Ambassador.

Helena Christensen wearing piaget luxury watch
Helena Christensen wears piaget luxury watch

The American model Kelly Rohrbach, visiting Germany for the first time, looked dazzling in a white dress by Escada, with Piaget Limelight Garden Party earrings and a Limelight Rose Passion ring in 18k white gold, also by Piaget.

Kelly Rohrbach wearing Piaget luxury jewellery
Kelly Rohrbach wears piaget luxury jewellery

Iconic model Tatjana Patitz, making a special trip from the USA for the event, looked breath-taking in a dress by Talbot Runhof and jewellery by Piaget. She chose to wear a Piaget Limelight Garden Party necklace and an 18k white gold ring from the Limelight Extremely Piaget Collection.

Tatjana Patitz wearing Piaget luxury jewellery
Tatjana Patitz wears Piaget luxury jewellery

Presenter and businesswoman Verona Pooth looked radiant on the red carpet in Munich, wearing a necklace from the Piaget Limelight Rose Passion Collection with Limelight Extremely Piaget earrings to complement her outfit.

Verona Pooth wearing piaget luxury jewellery
Verona Pooth wears piaget luxury jewellery
12.7.15 Celebrities
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