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Piaget Society

Piaget Society

HKFA Best-Dressed Award

Presentation of the Best-Dressed Award

This year, renowned fashion designer Dorian Ho is the jury of the Best-Dressed Award.

The award finally goes to Angelababy and Nick Cheung, each of them received a piece of Piaget jewellery presented by Mr. Dimitri Gouten, President of Piaget Asia Pacific.

Dimitri Gouten, Angelababy, Nick Cheung and Dorian Ho
HKFA Best-Dressed Award Nick Cheung and Angelababy

Winners of this year’s Best-Dressed Award, Nick Cheung and Angelababy

Dimitri Gouten, Dorian Ho and the two award winners this year, Nick Cheung and Angelababy

Dimitri Gouten and Angelababy
Dimitri Gouten and Nick Cheung

Dimitri Gouten and Angelababy

Dimitri Gouten and Nick Cheung

4.14.14 Cinema
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