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Piaget Society

Piaget Society

Hong Kong Film Awards Ceremony

The 31st Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony was successfully held on April 15 (Sunday) at the Grand Theatre of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, and was the talk of the town. Renowned Swiss watchmaker and jeweller Piaget encourages creativity and independent thinking and has been avidly supporting the film industry by participating in different arts and movie galas around the world over the years. Following the success of the presentation ceremony last year, Piaget continues to support the Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony, one of the most prominent events of the year for the local film industry, thus becoming the major sponsor of the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony again this year.

Over 1500 guests attended the presentation ceremony, including Ng See Yuen, Gordon Chan, Hou Hsiao Hsien, Li Shao Hong, Joe Cheung, Yu Dong, Timothy Fok, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Raymond Wong, Manfred Wong, Tsui Hark, Nansun Shi, Nieh Kong, Fong Ho Yuen, Terry Lai Siu Ping, Jiang Wen, Ann Hui, Deanie Ip, Andy Lau, Roger Lee, Carina Lau, Tony Leung, Sandra Ng, Peter Chan, Amy Kwok, Lau Ching Wan, Cissy Wang, Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse, Yundi Li, Derek Yee Tung Sing, Shu Qi, Qin Hailu, Gwei Lun Mei, Anthony Wong, CoCo Lee, Gao Yuanyuan, Cheung Chi Lam, Kam Kwok Leung, Philip Chan, John Shum, Kara Hui, Jim Chim, Kenneth Tsang, Lisa Chiao, Lo Hoi Pang, Jimmy Wang Yu, Linda Wong, Paul Chiang, Benji Chiang, Lesley Chiang, Calvin Poon Yuen Leung, Rachel Lee, Chin Kar Lok, Pang Ho Cheung, Mini Yang, Shawn Yue, Yue Wei, Felix Chong Man Keung, Chan Kwong Wing, Karena Ng, Zheng Shuang, Sheng Chien, Hsiao Ching Teng, Shiga Lin, Dennis To, Rose Chan, Leila Tong, Lawrence Chow as well as Giddens Ko, Angie Chai, Michelle Chen, Kai Ko and other actors from the film “You Are the Apple of My Eye” (listed in no particular order). Piaget, together with these top notch celebrities, glamorized the red carpet of the presentation ceremony.

With the theme of this year “Film’s New Power”, Eric Tsang, renowned actor, producer and director, led a group of four up-and-coming film contributors in the industry as the masters of ceremony, including actress Angelababy, director and actor Ronald Cheng, seasoned actor and producer Gordon Lam Ka Tung and celebrated host Bowie Tsang, to highlight the industry’s fusion of heritage and new ideas as well as the spirit of continuation and determination of the Hong Kong films.

Paul Chiang
Hsiao Ching Teng

As the major sponsor of the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony, Piaget once again teamed up with the Hong Kong Film Awards Association to pay tribute to those talented individuals in the film industry. Piaget also helped many of the evening’s honorees and guests shine a little brighter by dressing them in its latest and glamorous watch and jewellery creations. Best Actress nominee, Gao YuanYuan, Best New Performer nominees, Shiga Lin and Zheng Shuang, hosts of the ceremony, Bowie Tsang and Angelababy, awards presenters, Coco Lee, Mini Yang and Sandra Ng, guests Cissy Wang and Amy Kwok, as well as famous fashion designer Johanna Ho turned to Piaget to add a little sparkle to their attire. Piaget was also the dress watch of choice for many of the gentlemen attending the ceremony, including the winner for Best New Performer, Hsiao Ching Teng, Best Supporting Actor nominee, Paul Chiang and award presenter Peter Chan.

Johanna Ho was also invited to be served as the fashion jury of the ceremony’s walk of fame. She picked the evening’s best-dressed man and woman among the celebrities. Shu Qi won the best-dressed award in a stunning and elegant green mermaid gown, while Lau Ching Wan won the award in a classic black tuxedo with polka dot bow tie and both received a jewellery from Piaget.

Piaget is honored in witnessing with the world the most celebrated and meaningful awards ceremony of the year. Congratulations once again to all award winners for their excellence and achievements in 2012!

Sandra Ng
Zheng Shuang

Winners of the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards

Best Film: “A Simple Life”
Best Director: Ann Hui, “A Simple Life”
Best Actor: Andy Lau, “A Simple Life”
Best Actress: Deanie Ip, “A Simple Life”
Best Supporting Actor: Lo Hoi Pang, “Life Without Principle”
Best Supporting Actress: So Hang Shuen, “Life Without Principle”
Best New Performer: Hsiao Ching Teng, “The Killer Who Never Kills”
Best Screenplay: Susan Chan Suk Yin, “A Simple Life”
Best Cinematography: Jake Pollock & Lai Yiu Fai, “Wu Xia”
Best Film Editing: Yau Chi Wai, “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate”
Best Art Direction: Yee Chung Man & Lau Man Hung, “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate”
Best Costume & Make Up Design: William Chang Suk Ping, “Let The Bullets Fly”
Best Action Choreography: “Yuen Bun, Lan Hai Han & Sun Jiankui, “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate”
Best Sound Design: Kim Suk Won, “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate”
Best Visual Effects: Wook Kim, Josh Cole, Frankie Chung, “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate”
Best Original Film Score: Chan Kwong Wing, Peter Kam Pui Tat & Chatchai Pongprapaphan, “Wu Xia”
Best Original Film Song: “Hi, Fidelity”, Composer: Jun Kung, Lyric: Calvin Poon Yuen Leung, Sung by: Sandy Lam
Best New Director: Tsang Tsui Shan, “The Big Blue Lake”
Best Film From Mainland and Taiwan: “You Are The Apple Of My Eye”
Lifetime Achievement Award: Nieh Kong
Professional Achievement Award: Fong Ho Yuen

Gao Yuanyuan
Shiga Lin
Dimitri Gouten with Mr & Mrs Donnie Yen
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