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Piaget Society

The Monaco International Rose Competition

Third edition of the Monaco International Rose Competition, presided over by Mr Yves G. Piaget.

Yves Piaget and Princess Caroline of Hanover

The third edition of the Monaco International Rose Competition, presided over by Mr Yves G. Piaget and organised by the Friends of the Princess Grace Rose Garden, took place in the latter magnificent venue on Saturday June 4th 2016.

This competition – held under the auspices of the World Federation of Rose Societies (WFRS) and featuring a trophy signed and gifted by the Maison Piaget, was presented to the Meilland rose breeder by HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover and Yves G. Piaget – is distinguished from other international rose competitions by the fact that the roses presented are grown in pots rather than in the open ground. This distinctive feature was a deliberate choice made by the organisers and by breeders in order to seek out and highlight varieties destined to adorn terraces, balconies and small gardens.

The 2016 edition, which encompassed 95 varieties presented by 23 rose breeders from 10 countries, was a great success.
The international jury – composed of seasoned rose competition experts from Germany, Australia, Belgium, France, Italy, Japan, Monaco and Switzerland – was assigned the task of choosing the finest roses in the various designated categories: hybrid team roses, multi-blooming roses, groundcover roses, rose bushes and mini rosebushes.

Especially for the competition, the Maison Piaget created in its ateliers the trophy reflecting the style features of its Piaget Rose jewellery collection. This pink gold jewel-trophy, set with a diamond pistil, can be clipped to a stem hand-crafted by a Swiss sculptor from amaranth wood, when it is not being worn as a brooch or pendant. This precious ensemble was handed over to the competition winner in a triptytch presentation box adorned with rose motifs.

The Maison Piaget is thereby renewing its commitment to expressing its enduring admiration for the rose.

Piaget Rose Jewellery - Piaget trophy
6.4.16 Prizes & Awards
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