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Piaget Society

25th Golden Melody Awards

Penny Tai won two awards during the Golden Melody Awards

The 25th Golden Melody Awards ceremony took place in the Taipei Arena had unveiled its curtain in a glamorous evening on June 28th. Viewed as one of the most international and influential music award in the mandarin-speaking world, the award is aimed to honor and celebrate the achievement of remarkable music performers and related professionals worldwide.

Needless to say, the eminent Swiss manufacturer of watches and jewellery brand Piaget dazzled over the red carpet with exquisite and creative watches and jewelleries. Not only do the splendid watch and jewellery attract more attention for the stars, but also bring the winning luck to one of the nominees.

This Year Piaget adorns the Red Carpet Hostess Pink Yang and the last Best Male Mandarin Singer, also the performer and the award presenter this year Jam Hsiao. Great minds think alike, 2 Best Female Mandarin Singer nominees Faith Yang and Denise Ho, and the Best Female Mandarin Singer winner Penny Tai all choose Piaget to accompany them creating a legendary night.

Penny Tai, had been nominated as the best female mandarin singer 4 times before, won the Best Female Mandarin Singer this year with the latest album “Unexpected.” Besides the Best Female Mandarin Singer Award, Penny also was crowned as the Best Producer by producing the album “Embrace You.” This talented new Golden Melody winner wore crystal cocktail dress lined with black long skirt, and wisely choose Piaget Rose Secret watch and Piaget Rose earrings to add more elegance and noble aura.

Faith Yang, who was the Best Female Mandarin Singer winner in 2000, challenges the best Female Mandarin Singer Award again with her new album “ZERO.” A floral satin gown, a glimmering Couture Précieuse watch and classic Possession earrings and ring all set off her irresistible glamour. Denise Ho, nominated as the Best Female Mandarin Singer for the second time, competes with Penny Tai and Faith Yang with album “Coexistence.” Known for her personal and unique taste, Denise Ho showed up in leather dress, and distinctively picked Couture Précieuse ring mix and match with Possession ring, displayed a simple yet attractive confidence.

Jam Hsiao, who is the Best Male Mandarin Singer from last year, also the performer and the award presenter of this year, touched everyone’s heart by presenting a classic love song with a majestic orchestra. To perfect this grandeur performance, Jam Hsiao wore Altiplano Ultra-thin watch with fully paved diamond dial and iconic Possession logo ring, passed every note into every audience’s heart and moved everyone’s emotion.

Besides the star singers, even the witty hostess Pink Yang favors Piaget to be the best highlights in this evening. Choosing Couture Précieuse pink gold watch and beautiful Piaget Rose earrings and ring, Pink Yang no doubt was the shiniest vying hostess with the stars.

Pink Yang wearing Piaget jewellery

The hostess of red carpet, Pink Yang wearing Piaget Rose jewellery and Couture Precieuse watch.

Faith Yang wearing Piaget luxury watch and Piaget ring

Faith Yang wearing Piaget jewellery walked on red carpet.

Jam Hsiao wearing Piaget luxury watch
Jam Hsiao hosting the Golden Melody Awards

Jam Hsiao wearing Piaget Possession ring and Altiplano watch performed on the ceremony.

Singer Denise Ho wearing Piaget rings

Denise Ho wearing Piaget jewellery walked on red carpet.

Penny Tai wearing Piaget jewellery and watch

Penny Tai wearing Piaget Rose jewellery and Piaget watch walked on red carpet.

6.28.14 Prizes & Awards
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