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Piaget Society

Piaget Society

Piaget Rose Launch in Taiwan

The spirit of La vie en rose lives on in the new Piaget Rose collection, with Cheryl Yang embodying feminine grace and glamour

Piaget, the Swiss purveyor of luxury watches and jewellery, has cultivated a fantasy garden showcasing hundreds of beautiful blossoms. In this garden, the undisputed queen of the flowers and irreplaceable center of attention is most definitely the rose. Exquisite beauty and passion are uniquely expressed in Piaget's language of the rose. At the helm of the brand is the fourth-generation of the family, whose great fondness for roses was recognized thirty years ago at the Geneva International New Rose Competition when the winning rose was named the Yves Piaget Rose. Since that time, the brand has certainly led an extraordinary vie en rose!

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Yves Piaget Rose, Piaget has designed a new Piaget Rose jewellery collection. A press conference was held on May 2nd in the VIP Lounge on the second floor of the Breeze Center. In attendance was Cheryl Yang, whose screen presence evokes the distinctive traits that she shares with the Piaget Rose collection – maturity, confidence and the motivating drive that is the hallmark of the modern woman. The thousand-plus Yves Piaget roses at the venue were flown into Taiwan just for the occasion. Along with the verdant ground cover and the dazzling and colorful floral walls of fragrant pink and pale violet blossoms, they transformed the space into the fantasy rose garden of Piaget legend. As the guests sipped on pink champagne, they also savored the glamorous atmosphere attentively designed by Piaget.

Besides the rose, the four seasons themselves are another source of artistic inspiration for Piaget. The brand took this opportunity to highlight the Limelight Dancing Light watch collection. The collection encompasses four wristwatches each featuring an intricately ornamented mother-of-pearl dial. The beautiful butterflies, bees, maple leaves and snowflakes on each of the dials lock in the essence of the seasons and dance gracefully atop the wrist, forming a poetic and moving vision of the passage of time.

Runway model Ruru Lin showcasing Piaget jewelry and watch
Runway model Ruru Lin showcasing Piaget jewelry

The many blossoming facets of the Piaget Rose Collection evoke beauty and eternity

The new Piaget Rose collection was crafted by master jewellers who labored meticulously to capture the many beguiling facets of the rose. Whether in bud or in bloom, a perfect rose can be found to suit every mood. The diamond-encrusted rose is unparalleled in glamour and beauty. The openwork rose is delicate and graceful. With diamond-laced edges, the Piaget Rose is a symbol of pure elegance. The fact that every diamond and folded petal of a Piaget Rose is painstakingly cut and mounted by hand is a testament to the sumptuous opulence of the collection. Ruru Lin and other runway supermodels have showcased many different pieces from the Piaget Rose collection and unveiled the feminine qualities that are associated with the brand's jewellery and watches - refined elegance, sensual passion and modern flair.

At the start of the event, Liu Yuxuan, general manager of Piaget Taiwan, indicated that "today, what Piaget seeks to bring to all of you is not just luxury, high-caliber jewellery, but a classic collection of enduring pieces that capture the ephemeral beauty and spirit of women. It derives from an actual flower and a unique story that we want to share with everyone, a legend about a rose belonging to Piaget." A constant drive towards creativity and aesthetic innovation has led Piaget to produce a timeless collection that captures the expressiveness of the rose. As Liu Yuxuan added, "Piaget has long been recognized among the great jewellers as the brand that excels in incorporating the form of the rose in its collections. Jewellery from the Piaget Rose collection is as vibrant as a real flower, but will forever remain in blossom, never to wither."

For Cheryl Yang it was love at first sight with the Yves Piaget Rose, whose shape and dimensions recall those of the peony. She loved the vibrant and delicate pinkness of the flower, which contrasted against the robust nature of the petals. Her observation of the rose gave her insight into its essence. But she found the jewelry from the Piaget Rose collection to be far more irresistible, especially the rose necklace. Fashioned from strands of white gold, each rose is studded with beautiful diamonds, standing as a breathtaking symbol of eternity. Adorning Cheryl's neck, they enhanced her natural aura of confidence. The wristwatch accentuated her glamorous womanly appeal. Her success, in light of the rarity of achieving fame on stage and screen, has filled this cosmopolitan actress with great confidence in her abilities. On this occasion, she shared a line from one of her films: "I can have a very good life even if I remain alone, for I am a queen." That line indeed exemplifies the philosophy of the Piaget Rose collection.

A runway model showcasing Piaget high jewelry
A runway model showcasing Piaget Rose jewelry

Piaget Rose and Cheryl Yang celebrate a 30 year anniversary

An actress who thrives in the face of challenge, Cheryl will make her debut on the live stage at the end of the month, appearing in a classic theatrical piece penned by playwright Wang Erde. Cheryl's male co-star will be Nolay Piho, best known for his work in "Seediq Bale." She feels fortunate for the opportunity but is also nervous, as any newcomer would be. Having to wear Victorian dress on stage, she currently lives and breathes the nineteenth century, drawing upon the passion that she readily exhibited for the Piaget Rose.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Yves Piaget Rose, a milestone not far off from Cheryl's own years of existence on the planet. The bloom of thirty vibrant years of life is evident in her, for among actresses in their thirties, she stands out alone for a combination of great qualities – maturity, confidence, success and timely elegance. She is undoubtedly the best representative that Piaget could have selected. Piaget chose for Cheryl unique items from its limited collection of lacework rose wristwatches with hope that her career would meet with much success and that the Piaget Rose would cast a spell on her and those around her. The magic of the rose will then not just be a beautiful story, but a fragrant tale to be told and retold for another thirty years to come! As Cheryl said, "For me, the intuition and imagination behind jewelry design and the detailed craftsmanship and diamond-cutting expertise that it demands are paramount. The Piaget Rose collection of jewelled wristwatches is delicate and glamorous. When I put them on, I feel like the protagonist of my own story. Every woman should be her own beautiful leading lady."

Cheryl Yang was captivated by the fragrance and beauty of the Yves Piaget roses
Cheryl Yang showcasing the elegance of Piaget Rose jewelry

The Piaget Rose collection abounds in creative sensibility and showcases the many expressive facets of the rose

Piaget draws much of its creative inspiration from nature. The Piaget Rose collection includes rings, earrings and necklaces that meet varied needs. Piaget creations include skillfully-wrought rose rings priced under 100,000 dollars, colorful one-of-a-kind enamel rose wristwatches, and top-of-the-line jewellery and secret watches priced at 10,000,000 dollars and above. Such pieces incorporate the latest concepts in accessory design that have been deemed in line with the Piaget brand aesthetic, and are suitable for both formal and informal parties as well as day-to-day life. The rose is indeed fluid and can be adapted for almost any occasion.

Piaget Taiwan general manager Liu Yuxuan presents Cheryl Yang
The VIP Lounge of the Breeze Center where took place the launch of Piaget Rose new collection
The thousand-plus Yves Piaget roses at the venue were flown into Taiwan for the occasion
5.2.12 Institutional Events
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