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Piaget Society

Spirit Awards 2012

Piaget dazzling at the 27th Film Independent Spirit Awards

The global community of filmmakers glued their eyes to the 27th Film Independent Spirit Awards. Winners of over ten categories, including the Piaget Producers Award, were revealed at the awards ceremony. Acclaimed as an inspiring preclude to Oscar night, the Film Independent Spirit Awards hands out the most prestigious honors to the best talents in the independent filmmaking industry at such a grand occasion that draws worldwide attention.

The awards are dedicated to low-budget independent films and filmmakers who embody creativity, tenacity and vision in their own unique interpretations of the filmmaking art. Not just focusing on the box office results and profit gains, these filmmakers demonstrate the purest part of filmmaking. The innovation spirit advocated by the Film Independent Spirit Awards echoes perfectly well with Piaget’s motto – “Always do more than what is necessary.” Rather than slowing down its pace in a rich set of traditions accumulated for over one hundred years, the world’s top watchmaker and jeweler Piaget constantly explores and reinvents itself, making significant breakthroughs one after another. It was based on such a firm belief in innovation that Piaget began to sponsor the Film Independent Spirit Awards in 2008 and has been doing so ever since. Among these distinguished recognitions are the Piaget Producers Award, which recognizes emerging producers who diligently explore the new territories of filmmaking and who show great independence and originality.

Li Bingbing with Piaget CEO Philippe Léopold-Metzger
Li Bingbing wearing Piaget vintage jewelry and watch

Celebrities flocked to the beach of Santa Monica, California, and lighted up the red carpet at this year’s event: American film star Zoe Saldana who became famous with Avatar; British actress Kate Beckinsale who starred in the Pearl Harbor; Kirsten Dunst, the star of the popular film Spider Man; Olivia Wilde who was honored “the most sexy woman in the world”; Anthony Mackie who played the hero in The Hurt Locker; the Hollywood sweetheart Zac Efron; and Michelle Williams who won the Best Actress in this year’s award. High-wattage stars like Janet McTeer, who was nominated “Best Supporting Actress”, looked stunning in Piaget Rose Fairy earrings, crafted in white gold with brilliant-cut and pear-shaped diamonds, instantly entering into the center of spotlights.

The American star, Lucy Alexis Liu, who has Chinese origin, looked effortlessly chic in a yellow gold Piaget Possession cuff bracelet with matching earrings and diamond paved ring, her exquisite taste and simplistic style mesmerize the audience. Amid the amazing parade of dressed-up stars, guests from the Oriental World stood out with their unique beauty. LI Bingbing won the “Best Actress” Award at China’s Huabiao Awards for her performance in the war romance film The Knot, and then the Best Leading Actress Award at the Golden Horse Film Awards in Taiwan for her role in the spy thriller The Message. She also participated in Hollywood movies such as the Forbidden Kingdom and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. As a frequent participant in the film Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame, Bingbing brought out the best-selling Chinese movie in America and Europe.

No matter in a history-themed drama, or in a modern idol movie, she displays perfect sophisticated acting performance. Ten years’ acting experience and unrelenting efforts for self-improvement and perfection serve as the solid foundation of her current endeavors for new breakthroughs. With calm demeanor and poised smile, she has been favored by many film festivals worldwide. She even co-produced in 1911, while taking a leading role in the same film, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution. Such experience has brought her career in the film industry to a new height and made her the top candidate from China for presenting the Best Director Awards at the Film Independent Spirit Award this year.

Lucy Liu at the 2012 Spirit Awards
Michelle Chen wearing Piaget white gold and diamond jewelry

With the proven commitment to the art of film making and the courage to transform herself from an actress to a producer, Bingbing has demonstrated the personal quality and the overall development that the Film Independent Spirit Awards values so much. She has been with Piaget for quite a long time.

At 2011 Cannes Film Festival, she paired her glamorous dress with Piaget jewels. While she chose Piaget’s Private Collection Vintage jewellery and watch collection for this awards ceremony in Los Angeles. Attired in a green gown, Bingbing exuded her distinctive freshness and confidence, all highlighted by the radiance of Piaget jewellry and watches. Another fresh face from China, Michelle CHEN, brought her youthful warmth to the red carpet. She has been nominated for the best supporting actress for her role in Hear Me, and now she rises rapidly in popularity in Asia with the recent teen flick You are the Apple of My Eye (Lit: In Those Years, the Girl We all Went After) .

The film is based on the semi-autobiographical novel of the same name by Taiwanese author Giddens Ko, who was also the director of the film. With the means of filmmaking, Giddens interpreted his own literary works and made the film one of the most successful independent films in recent years in Taiwan. Played by Michelle, the movie’s likeable high school beauty Shen Jia-Yi brings the audience back to their teenage period as well as the longings for innocent puppy love that everyone feel in their growing up years. Her truthful acting performance and fabulous interpretation of the character has made her an instant star in Asia, literally becoming “the girl that we all go after”.

Hollywood film star Kirsten Dunst at the 2012 Spirit Awards
Michelle Williams winning the Best Actress award

Michelle accessorized her pretty dress with the high jewels from Piaget Limelight Garden Party and flashed her trademark sweet smile, just like an angel from heaven.

As the 27th Film Independent Spirit Awards drew to a close, winners of all categories were announced and given their well-deserved recognitions. It is hoped that they will continue to bring even better works to the world just as Piaget will keep on supporting creative and diligent pioneers and dreamers of the filmmaking art.

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