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G36PB900 (73953)

Possession bracelet

Bracelet G36PB900

Possession bracelet in 18K pink gold, set with a brilliant-cut diamond (approx. 0.05 ct) and a turquoise bead.

Possession bracelet

Pink gold bracelet with ornamental turquoise stone. Coloured bead adorned with Possession turning gold ring set with a diamond. Piaget Possession falls under the charm of bold coloured ornamental stones with a delicate pink gold and turquoise bracelet. Set along a pink gold chain, a bright blue turquoise bead is elegantly wrapped with a Possession ring. Alongside the stone bead, a single scintillating diamond adds a touch of radiance. Around her wrist, the confident and inspired woman will treasure her pink gold bracelet like a precious amulet. One playful spin and the colourful bead becomes a symbol of the fascinating world she holds in the palm of her hand.

Type of jewellery: Bracelet
Metal: Pink gold
Metal weight (gr): 1.88
Precious stones: Diamond
Semi-precious stones: Stabilised turquoise
Motif size width: 5 mm
Sizing guide: Download the sizing guide

*Piaget luxury watches and jewellery are individually produced and thus the weight and carats of each product can vary from the displayed data.

Possession jewellery collection

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