Piaget Rose necklace

Ref : Necklace G37LG700

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White gold Beryl Diamond Necklace - Piaget Luxury Jewellery G37LG700

Piaget Rose necklace

Secrets confided to a rose... A diamond rose breaks away from an enchanting blend of joyful gemstones whose contrasting colours and transparencies resemble a magic garden. The delicate chromatic softness of the aquamarines, tourmalines, pink spinel, beryls and sapphire meets the generosity of the masterfully unstructured volumes. A few sparkles of precious colour fall delicately onto a shoulder. Each stone keeps the secret of the message delivered to the rose, the unrivaled queen of the party. The harmony of a meticulous setting, thanks to the bezels that render the necklace soft and supple. A jewel of haute-couture architecture.

White gold Beryl Diamond Necklace - Piaget Luxury Jewellery G37LG700
Type of jewellery: Necklace
Metal: White gold
Metal weight (gr): 95.4
Precious stones: Diamond, Lavender sapphire
Semi-precious stones: Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Spinel, Beryl
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Piaget Rose Jewellery

Piaget Rose
Piaget Rose - High Jewellery

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