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Altiplano ultra-thin rose gold watch


Ultimate Elegance

Rose gold diamond watch from Limelight Gala 2019 Collection


Step into the Limelight

Possession rose gold diamond turning ring


What makes your world turn?

Piaget Rose diamond ring


A true flower, a unique story. A rose that never fades

Hu Ge wearing an altiplano ultra-thin watch

Embark on a journey in pursuit of radiance with Piaget

Let ALTIPLANO, the ultimate ultra-thin watch series, accompany you on life’s journey in pursuit of radiance and let the light shine through!

piaget altiplano ultra-thin watch for men

Ultimate Elegance

A watch of ultimate distinction, for those who believe that understated is the new luxury.

luxury watch and rose gold jewellery

Celebrate Extraordinary

The alluring beauty of Limelight Gala was made for confident women seeking a watch of distinction.