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    Piaget Society

    Piaget Society

    Hu Ge

    The actor, producer, singer

    Despite life challenges, HU Ge has never given up and always continues to fight not to accept the fate to become today not only a great actor but a model of courage and tenacity.

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    Hu Ge, the most charismatic and popular actor in China, was born in Shanghai (China).

    Hu Ge has been acting since 2005, while he was studying at the Shanghai Theater Academy, he was invited to play the leading role Li Xiaoyao in the 2005 television series Chinese Paladin, and immediately skyrocketed to fame as one of China's most popular actors. In his ten years’ acting career, he played leading roles in many well-liked Chinese TV series and films, he owns powerful skills on acting and he has received national wide recognition for his acting, and the most amazing and important thing, he hasn’t received any negative evaluations.

    In 2015, Hu Ge got to his turning point in his acting career. He acted as Mei Changsu in Nirvana in Fire and he acted as Ming Tai in
    The Disguiser, which are the commercially and critically successful TV dramas. It surpassed ten million views by the second day, and ranked in daily internet views of over ten hundred million by the end of its run. Since then, Hu Ge’s popularity comes to a peak, and his career entered a completely new stage.

    He is beloved by audiences and media, public is well disposed towards the brands he endorses.

    Find out more on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

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