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    The Maison Piaget

    The Maison Piaget


    As precious creations working constantly 24 hours a day, Piaget watches deserve special attention and regular servicing in order to preserve their splendour and precision for future generations.

    We invite you to take your luxury watch to a Piaget boutique or an authorised Piaget retailer of your choice* as only our watchmakers are equipped with the apparatus, documentation, specific tools and original components that have been specifically designed for our creations.


    In order to give the best possible care to your luxury watch, Piaget’s watchmakers will provide you with a detailed diagnosis with personalised service recommendations and their respective cost. This initial diagnosis is a complimentary service by Piaget to its clients.

    luxury watch complete diagnosis


    Our watchmakers carry out this simple intervention while also doing a quick overall inspection.


    With its intricate mechanism, the movement of your watch needs to be cleaned and checked at regular intervals. Over time, its lubricating oils dry out and may cause friction, which will affect the accuracy of the mechanism. After each service, you will be issued with a twelve-month warranty covering the work and parts replaced, leaving you confident in having a perfectly well maintained watch.


    The complete revision of your luxury watch follows a thorough protocol. It requires the know-how of our most highly skilled watchmakers to be able to dismantle, repair and reassemble any Piaget movement designed over the past 140 years.
    After this service, you will be issued with a twelve-month warranty covering the work and parts replaced.


    This service enables us to restore the original brilliance of your watch, making it look as good as on its first day. All external parts of the watch including the bracelet, crowns, pushers and clasp are polished separately to ensure an exceptional refurbishment.

    This operation is particularly delicate as it removes an extremely fine layer of metal, which is why a polishing should be performed only when necessary.

    *The maintenance services mentioned here may not currently be possible in boutiques or Piaget-approved retailers. Please contact us ahead of time for confirmation.

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